Supreme Photobooths

Written on 01/16/2017
Justin Smale

After many years in the DJ industry I have watched the rise in popularity of photo booths and how much fun they can be. I have also noticed alot of photo booths that produce photos that are terrible in quality, dark, grainy, grey, colourless and even blurry images.

This made me do some extensive research into purchasing a photo booth to provide our clients with a photo booth that produces vibrant, colourful and clear photos … the best quality images possible!

Quality – Quality – Quality! – Things like printer quality, camera quality, studio lighting and print speed are super important to the success of your photo booth quality, as well as taking the time when setting up to make sure the camera is focused and well lit (every venue has different lighting so your booth needs to be set accordingly to produce the best possible photos)

Every photo booth company offers something different but quality and a guarantee of excellent service is not something that comes standard in the industry. We come second to none for quality and service. Before every event we clean and test our booths to ensure they are functioning properly and provide the best service to our customers. Our props are cleaned after each event to make sure they are sanitary for the next group to use. We also remove any broken and worn out props so you are not left with hand-me-downs, we don’t believe in shortcuts but we do believe our customers deserve the best.

Having won 9 industry awards we don’t cut corners and are all about providing our clients with the best photo booth experience possible!

Supreme Photo Booths – Photos Worth Keeping!